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Could a Big Oil Merger be on the Horizon?

​Reuters have reported on the possibility of big oil mega deals as American companies Exxon Mobil and Chevron post stronger valuations than their European counterparts, Shell, BP and Total Energies.

The American duo’s valuation lead is tangible even though Shell’s 2022 results, for example, have doubled year-on-year, matching those of its US peers. A notable reason for the favourable American valuations is that as oil prices have soared coupled with US-based drillers looking more attractive than those in Europe whose strategy suggests that they are pressing into potentially lower-return renewable energy.

Will we see Exxon or Chevron undertake a transatlantic swoop? Citi analysts think a big oil merger could create attractive cost synergies and adequate returns. However, will US shareholders want the bother of a mega-deal in lieu of huge buybacks and dividends?

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