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Infrastructure is the foundation of our cities, serving communities and facilitating connectivity domestically and to the rest of the world.

As the sector expands at a record-breaking pace, it has helped to fuel global economic growth and yet also reveal vulnerabilities. Today, industry leaders face unprecedented challenges brought on by emerging technologies, an unforeseen pandemic, geopolitical disruptions and a heightened need to keep vital supply chains operational.

Traditional investors are now competing with new market entrants to replace, expand and enhance the sustainability of critical infrastructure across a wide array of assets, including transportation, logistics, energy and utilities.

The key to meeting today’s challenges and creating a competitive advantage is talent. AXG has an extensive track record helping clients to quickly and effectively fulfil their staffing needs. Our consultants draw on their sector expertise, market knowledge and global talent pools to deliver efficient and successful solutions across our clients’ complex and international businesses.

We are proud to partner with companies working at the forefront of the infrastructure sector to meet our clients’ human capital needs; from contract-to-hire to project-based requirements, contingent labor and more.

Connect with the AXG team to discuss your workforce and staffing requirements.

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