Roads & Bridges

Roads & Bridges

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​Providing better connections for communities is all about investing in infrastructure, improving travel times, enhancing road safety and helping to improve fuel efficiencies.

As demand for better road networks continues to grow, more consideration is being given to the impact of road development on the environment and the people they serve.

AXG has insight into the professional capabilities needed across the full spectrum of road network and transport infrastructure management, from finance to planning, design and construction.

The accelerating uptake of electric vehicles in many global markets is bringing new challenges to road funding, fuel taxes, tolling and supporting infrastructure such as charging stations. These challenges are reshaping conversations and talent capabilities throughout the road infrastructure sector.

For clients and candidates alike, our local insight is matched by our global outlook, which helps us to connect in-demand candidates with the sector's best opportunities.

AXG ensures you have the right expertise in place to efficiently and safely deliver and manage next-generation road networks, bridges and tunnels. From short term placements to multi-hire engagements, ask us how we can support your infrastructure recruitment requirements.


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