Natural Resources

Natural Resources

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Navigating complex hiring challenges are a reality for today’s energy and natural resources leaders as supply and demand for resources transforms.

​Geopolitics, changing consumer behavior, environmental policy and investor expectations are reshaping global energy markets while employee innovations are reforming the labor market.

Flexible working arrangements, emerging workplace collaboration and video tools, digitization, automation, AI, and data analytics are among a rapidly growing list of changes. ​Meanwhile, demographic shifts, such as an ageing workforce in traditional roles and explosive growth in new energy jobs, are creating the need for new hiring, retention and employment approaches. ​

Talent strategies should be as dynamic and flexible as the industry it serves. For decades, AXG has delivered flexible solutions for clients across the oil and gas, and power and renewables sectors. We draw on this experience to provide integrated expertise across regions, functions, and capabilities.

Our energy and natural resources consultants have worked with the world’s leading oil and gas, mining, and power and utilities companies. AXG’s energy sector leaders based in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA help energy businesses solve their contingent and contract workforce challenges.

We deliver fast, high-quality, targeted talent solutions.


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