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While workplace expectations have changed, massive capital inflows show commercial real estate remains highly attractive to developers and investors.

As the world worked from home during the pandemic, employees found a new experience of flexibility and convenience. However, many businesses and individuals have recognized that without the office environment, there are many challenges in sustaining corporate culture.

Hybrid models of work and employee preferences are already reshaping expectations of what the workplace can be. Companies are looking to bring more ‘home comforts’ to office environments and reconfiguring traditional layouts to encourage interaction and collaboration.

In key global business markets, quality spaces with interesting fit-outs and features are driving demand as many corporates look to redefine the corporate office space. In the current environment of strong employment, quality corporate workspaces are seen as critical to employee attraction and retention.

For many business owners and their employees, healthier workplaces are now a priority, driving significant investment in commercial space design. Refurbishment and upgrades to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption are on the rise. Many investors are seeing this investment as essential to their positioning for the commercial real estate sector resurgence.

AXG consultants offer solutions based on decades of experience working within the ever-changing commercial real estate sector. We draw on our global networks and sector insight to fulfil businesses’ short-term and project-based talent needs across asset investment, development, and operation. Reach out to our team to see how we can help with your talent needs.


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