Industrial & Logistics

Industrial & Logistics

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Rapid e-commerce expansion continues to drive demand for larger, more efficient, and well-located logistics and industrial facilities.

With the impact of the global pandemic resonating through most sectors of the world’s economies, industrial and logistics real estate has been one of the fortunate growth markets.

​AXG consultants bring local insight complemented by a global perspective to connect world class talent with the sector’s best opportunities. Our team is experienced in the current sector challenges and fulfilling business needs as technology reshapes industrial real estate – from automation to robotics and data analytics. ​

With critical global supply chains disrupted by world events and geopolitics, there is also a renewed focus on local manufacturing, food processing and warehousing, driving demand for quality industrial and logistics real estate. Rising fuel and energy costs are forcing warehousing and logistics businesses to invest in new efficiencies and sustainable solutions across the supply chain.

AXG specializes in devising and delivering hiring strategies across investment, development and operational roles. Whether its contract, project-based or multi-hire engagements, we can readily source candidates with the right talent to optimize efficiencies and drive your business forward.


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